A Post Modern “Perspective”



Putting it All in Perspective

A recent work that I endeavored to create was based on some triangular pieces of sheet steel I had found at my local metal supplier.  I had contemplated on what way to arrange them for quite some time.  It wasn’t until I decided to add a circular metal disc to the composition that I realized how to approach this project.   The 5 inch diameter circle is a main focal point drawing the observer in.  You could say it really helped putting this piece in perspective.


High Gloss Enamel Finish

All the paint applied to this piece was high gloss oil based enamel.   The paint is specifically designed for metals as it helps to prevent rust.  Prior to spray application, the paint was thinned with VM&P Naphtha according to my recent post on “Thinning Oil Based Alkyd Paints for Spray Application”. As you can see from the glare that the finish went down very smooth.  Like all surface finshes though, its all in the preparation. 


Color Corrdinated

Don’t let the whimsicle nature of this compostion fool you.  It was carefully planed out.  Even if some of the accents where incorporated as an afterthought.  It was decided that the main triangle was going to be turquoise.  It is a calming and pleasing color to the human eye and would make for a really good central color to work from.  All other colors were chosen to match and coordinate with the turquoise.  You have the second largest traingle intersecting almost perpendicular to the main triangle and it is painted in bright sunburst yellow.  The circular disc, which is the focal point, is painted in grape purple.  The sweeping arc that wraps particially around the composition is painted gloss white.  There is a series of smaller trangles adorning the arc which seem to be very directional.  They are painted coral pink to provide the highest contrast to the main theme color of turquoise. 

To see more details of this composition or for purchasing options, check out the listing for this item in my Etsy shop.


6 thoughts on “A Post Modern “Perspective”

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  2. 9agz3 says:

    Cool Designs. Thanks for sharing your work, your enthusiasm for the medium and additional information on the materials you use. Thanks for liking my latest post on my blog, Abstract Reception.

  3. sued51 says:

    This is a very attractive piece of wall art…good job.

    • Thank you so much. It was fun to weld but was a pivotal moment as far as painting was concerned. It was this work of art that I learned how to lay down a coat of paint that looks like glass. Truly, it blew my mind.

  4. […] A Post Modern “Perspective” (jtbmetaldesigns.wordpress.com) […]

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