Metal Art for the Garden

The Garden, a sanctuary of piece for many

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For many the garden is a personal haven to get away from the daily grind. It is decorated and laid out according to your taste. It can also be the place where you grow alot of your own food as well. What better way to add yourown personal touch then to add metal garden art.  Metal is strong, durable, and can be finished in a variety of ways. This lens will cover a few examples of garden art for your consideration.

Garden art from recycled materials


Upcycled art
Sometimes, the most interesting metal art comes from the most mundane of sources. I am speaking of discarded metal, rusty nuts and bolts etc.
When an idea comes from the artist, these various bits can come together in an endless variety of forms. Take, for example, the artwork shown below. It was made of some discarded washers and a rusty metal bar that was cut up into segments and welded into the exciting 3D form you see here.

Metal wall art for the garden


Sun wall art
Just like you could have metal wall art for inside your home and office, you also can have outdoor wall art. Take the sun wall art featured in the photo. It is of simple color and elegantly simple yet funky design. See how it really does well on the brick wall? Garden wall art serves the same purpose as indoor wall art it is just a little more rugged.


Geometric form


Red cubes
What we see here is a bold and beautiful garden sculpture. The geometric shapes coupled with the red powder coat will set an interesting tone to any garden. It will give your natural spot a dose of contemporary flare. The artist made the sculptures from 1/8 ” steel and coated with zinc primer and red powder coat. Each cube is 16 inches. Consult the Etsy listing for this item to purchase or contact the artist.


3D Geometric triangle sculpture


3D traingle art
I recently completed this art sculpture from 16 gauge steel triangles I cut and welded together. It was designed to stand in various configurations. It is alsp painted in a lively key lime color and heavily clear coated.


Abstract form


Orange shapes
If you are into abstract art then this sculpture would be perfect for your garden. The bright orange gloss finish will blend well with many flower arrangements. It also makes a nice contrast with greenery.  It was made from 3/16″ round steel
bar hand bent and welded.  The base assembled of heavy scrap items


Nature themes


Jumping fishA more common theme in garden decor is natural themes. These usually take forms of plants and animals. In this case, this flying fish is a good example. It is simple yet effective in decorating a lawn.


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