Handmade Welding Torch Holder For Welding Table

Torch Seated in Holder

Torch Seated in Holder

Making A Holder for Oxyacetylene torch

Now that I have a decent welding table and not a makeshift setup, I decided it is time to make and install a holder for my oxyacetylene torch.  This is something I have wanted for a long time.  It is a hands free approach so I can heat metal then forge it nearby.  Otherwise it is a more professional way of hanging the torch up while setting up for the next weld.  It will also help to minimize possible accidental damage to the torch.


Enough of that though.  Lets talk about how I did it.  First I picked a convenient spot on the table.  This left side frame will do nicely.  Next, I picked up this seemingly useless rusty 1/4″ inch round steel bar from my metals closet.


After using 150 grit sandpaper on the steel bar, I then proceeded to bend the end of it around a 2 inch OD pipe.  this gave me the “U” I wanted and I cut it off the rod and welded it on the remaining rod a seen in the photo above.  Next, it was time to experiment and play.  This first part or the holder was for the business end and it provides a majority of the support.  It also has to sit high enough to allow clearance for the hoses to prevent kinks and premature damage.


After I figured out the right length for the rod to weld to the table, I realized I wanted a little more support for my torch unit.  Looking at the handle,  I saw the two brass fittings that join the mixing chamber in a “Y” pattern.  I decided to create a “pitchfork”  design to lock it right in place.  Therefore, the taller part of the torch will just cradle it and not let it flop around.



As you can see, I repeated the “U”  and made it seat a couple inches higher to allow an angle that supports the hoses and a flame at a convenient height.


3 thoughts on “Handmade Welding Torch Holder For Welding Table

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