Braze Welded Cut Nail Sculptures


Art Made from Masonry Nails


During the 1950’s and 1960’s was the modern art era now affectionately referred to as midcentury. Becuase of the rise of technology and the excitement surrounding the space race. This gave rise to a more contemporrary art style with hard lines and geometric shapes. And with that movement we have art made from cut nails, or more commonly called, masonry nails. The wedge shape of these nails allows them to be welded
into countless arrangments. The most striking pieces are ones made by braze welding with a bronze brazing rod. This allows the natural contrast of the two metals steel and bronze to shine create a mood.

Red Panel with Brazed Nails

Red PanelNow I want to present a dazzling splash of vivid color to the gray nails. I present the Red Panel with Brazed nails . It is suggestive of the far east, and the transparent red lacquer just adds to the depth and glimmer.


Distressed copper accented nail art

Distressed CopperMy latest addition to my shop is this beauty. Initially playing with fold forming copper. Got some neat creases for sure. Just to make the copper stiffer and give it an interesting texture, I hammered it also. Another recent work I have done is a 3 panel hammered copper sculpture.
Hammered Copper #4

A seven frame sculpture

7 framesWhen I made this, I wanted to create something different than I had before. So I made these frames with a nail going diagonally through them. I also included 3 semipheracle pipe ends as accents.


Creating work of smaller modules


3 starsThis is where I wanted to create a set of smaller units. This way ideas that come from smaller pieces can be considered. These 3 stars have an ancient appeal to them for sure. I hand brazed each one and they can be arrange anyway you wish. This gives flexibility for people with a discerning eye for efficient use of space. The art is available at this Etsy listing. Just click and see more details
Metal wall art

One common art them with cut nails is metal wall decor. The simple yet elegant 3 frame example shows this quality quite effectively.



sunburst or starburst sculptures


One of my favorite masonry nail art sculptures to make is star or sun burst. There are numerous ways to approach making one of these. The more unique the better.


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