A perspective on July 4th


Another July 4th has came and passed on this once great nation.  Within all the smoke, smoldering pyrotechnics, and sulfurous stench is yet another generation of youth who could not possibly care less about the significance of this holiday.   Far from there minds are liberty, freedom, and the civil responsibilites needed to maintain them.   I know them so well because I used to be amongst them.   To me July 4th was just a day off in the summer to shoot off your favorite incenderaries and have cook outs.  Or, to load up a picnic basic and head to the nearest fireworks show.

I have since gotten older and become a family man and home owner.  With these obligations came an awareness of the political landscape.  I then realized that freedom and liberty are not to be taken for granted.  I realized these where vurtues worth defending and fighting for.  With all that is going on in our nation we all need to sit back and ask, ” Are we really doing what we can to preserve this republic.”   If our basic rights were taken away from us “Would we be willing and able to do what it takes to get them back?”  These are thoughts I am contemplating all year long. 

For example,  I am not big on guns but I most certainly would defend the right for others to own them.  Being able to protect yourself from criminals and tyranny is one of the most essential liberites of all.  Secondly, how solid can the family unit be if we allow the courts to make a mockery of the sacred bond of marriage.  These are heavy hitting subjects and they are showing up in the news in a more regular fashion.  So, as you clean up all the debris from last nights spectacle,  give a little more time to think of what sacrifices where made to provide your precious liberties and what is at stake here.

God Bless,



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