The Color Blue in Art and Sculpture



The Beauty of Blue

Blue is the color of the sky and the deep blue sea. It is the color of saphires and blueberries. It is the favorite color for many. It is cool, and subdued but it can be bright and electric! Check out the painting below. It is Abstract Blue Painting that shows very good shadowing to simulated 3D effects.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue Fused Glass Garden StakeOne of my favorite sites to behold is cobalt blue glass catching sunlight. It is deep and rich with a decidingly purple shade. The pigmented glass is used extensively in bottles and dishes but it can also be found in home decor. Take for instance this fused glass garden stake I found while searching on Etsy. It catched the sun in all its brilliant cobalt blue beauty! Be sure to check out my lens on cobalt blue glass to see more.

Cobalt blue, being a mineral pigment, is also used to make oil and acrylic paints. Cobalt blue is a little lighter than ultramarine blue. Do to cost, many paint manufacturers implement cobalt hues that are combinations of other pigments that very closely resemble the desired color. Another reason to imitate cobalt blue is that the real pigment is toxic. Therefore the cobalt blue hue is the only suitable way to airbrush or spray this color. Coblat blue is imitated by blending ultramarine blue with titanium white.


Ultramarine Blue

Ultramarine Wall ArtAnother blue with purple shade, ultramarine had been very popular with artists for centuries. It was originally made from the rare stone lapis azul but now is synthetically made inexpensively. I wanted to get he feel for what this color would do for 3D sculpture. The sculpture featured in the photo is listed in my Etsy shop

Also, I wrote a lens about the pigment ultramarine. Be sure to check it out!


Navy Blue

Navy Blue FloralNavy blue is a very dark shade of blue. It is not vivid but subdued and makes for a wonderful background color for light colors such as white or yellow. It is also nice with bronze,silver, or simular metallic hues.


Metallic Blue

Metallic Blue ImpastoIf you are to decorate your home and flat blues of any kind don’t interest you, then metallic or pearlescent blues might. These colors can be blue pigments mixed with silver mica pigments, silver or pearl white combined with blue dye, or they may be mica pigments that are blue by themselves. One of the most interesting ways to exhibiting metallic blue is through texture. The impasto painting in the photo to the right shows off the pale pearlescent blue in a most effective way. This kind of texture can make a wall really pop with the right lighting.


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