Large Welding Table on the Cheap


Large Lightweight Welding Table on the Cheap

If you need a good sized welding table but not interested in the weight or expense of the traditional heavy duty table, then this blog is for you.  I after read a hub about building a welding table from bed frames and re-bar, I had some bed frames given to me from a friend, some square tubing left over from another table project, and I purchased 20 feet of 1/2 inch rebar at Home Depot.  I decided on a table roughly 40 inches tall, 48 inches long, and 28 inches wide.

IMAG1083 IMAG1086

OK so I cut to size and laid out my materials to build the top.  Since I needed a welding table, it was quite difficult to get everything perfectly square.  I made some errors but I made it work.


As you can see, I could stand to have some more re-bar.  But for now, this will work.  In the photo above I am welding on the legs.  I did everything I could get them square but a couple of them angles out about an inch and a half.  Still the table is functional and stable.   Besides, I can always make changes and modifications later.


Here you can see, the re-bar surface has its benefits over a solid steel plate surface.  The obvious reason is the weight.  This configuration allows this table to be somewhat portable.  Two, the re-bars can serve as a place to hang welding clamps and other tools you may need.  Last but not least,  the spaces between re-bar can be used to anchor work pieces for more secured clamping to work at hard to reach angles.  If you will be working on smaller pieces that might fall through the re-bar, then you can always lay down smaller pieces of steel plate for support.


One of my favorite reasons for this particular designs is storage possibilities.  At 40 inches tall, I am able to fit plenty of accessories under the table to make storing things in my cramped storage shed that much more efficient.

4 thoughts on “Large Welding Table on the Cheap

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  3. extremesanity says:

    You will be astounded how much cheaper steel is at an actual metal supplier. Don’t buy from home depot or lowes.

    • Yes I already know this. I buy all my flat stock, rod, and sheet at a steel supplier. In fact a majority of it is “drop” priced since I make mostly art. I go to Home Depot for rebar. It is only $5 for 10 feet. I rarely need more than 20. So it’s no big deal.

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