Createx Airbrush Paints

Createx airbrush paint

Createx airbrush paint is a quality air brush paint that can be used on meny surfaces. They come in a variety of vivid colors and finishes and most of them are ready to spray from the bottle through an airbrush. They are viscous so you will have to airbrush with a larger tip and thin them if needed.

Pearlized Colors

Pearl MagentaOne of the most dazzling line of Createx paint is Pearlized paint. These paints are semitransparent and add a pearlized look to a finish. This is especially usefull is custom paint jobs and decorative work. I have found with my own experience that a basecoat of pearl silver really makes these colors stand out.

Pearlescent metal floral panel

Pearlescent Metal Floral PanelThis is an example of how I incorporate Createx paints into my metal art. This panel was primed with Krylon white primer. The frame is painted with two coats of Createx pearl blue. It came out stunning. The photo does no justice. You can get some different views herein my Etsy listing for this item. The Createx lays down a really smooth coat when properly applied.

The photo below shows a closeup of the butterfly. Due to the detail, the butterfly had to be hand painted with a brush.

Createx pearls in action

type=textUnder the translucent colored lacquers seen here on this recent art work I completed, you can see the metallic iridescence of the Createx pearls. I applied layers of paint to give a sense of depth and brilliance.

Iridescent colors

Iridescent VioletIridescent colors are simular to the pearlized but with and added hue shift when moved in the light. It gives the impression of depth of most colors. I have found though that if you apply a clear coat on top of this paint it appears to lose its iridescence. Also, a reflective basecoat would come in handy as well.

Opaque Colors

Opaque RedThese are the flat ordinary colors. They do not have fluorescence, metallic shine, or pearlescent qualities. They are usually base colors for the other color types. They have excellent hiding capabilities and with a gloss coating they are good finishes on there own.

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