Taking a Vacation in Florida








Just Needed to Get Away

After completing a major art project, dealing with wife’s health issues, all while working the gravyard shift full time, I needed a break.  We took off to visit family in Orlando June 16th.   It was not until I got there that we found out from my wife’s cousin that Disney land was closed for renovation.  Therefore, we ventured off to the beach in Melbourne Florida.


This is the cousin’s dog Luna. Until this past week, I never saw a dog try to smile like a human.  This dog does. I must admit, the first time she greeted me like this, I thought I was going to get bit.  But our relatives clued me in and I thought is was the most amazing and adorable thing ever.  I must get a dog like this.


So we did not get to take the little ones to Disney land  and spend $200 or $300 to stand in the 95 degree heat and fry.  Its OK because Orlando has a lot of unique wildlife.  I saw several kinds of cranes.  I do not know how to identify them but someday I will look into it and do some research.  I am sure to return soon someday.


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