Budget Airbrush Compressor

Affordable tankless compressor

This post is a product review concerning an economic and good quality air brush compressor I purchased from TCP global. It is advertised as an oil less tank less compressor that produces only 56 decibles of sound. That is about the same as a conversation indoors. Not too bad considering it is only $79.

A cost effective way to airbrush

ABD TC-20I purchased a Badger 250 airbrush kit from Amazon a few weeks ago to paint my metal art with. At first I used propellent to get a feel of it, but it did not take long to realize that this was a very expensive way to airbrush.
This is especially true considering the constant cleaning and maintenance needed when airbrushing acrylics.So, I took the next logical step and began searching for an affordable air brush compressor. Now the craft stores where automatically
off my shopping list as they wanted $250+ for a compressor. At this point, going online was my only options. I wanted new so no ebay or craigslist so what was I to do? I remebered seeing TCP Global had the best selection of airbrush paint accessories and best prices I have ever seen. While in there Air Brush Depot I found this little gem for $79.99! I took the chance and I was not disappointed! Furthermore, there customer service is outstanding and knowledgeable so you wont have too many problems dealing with them or asking questions.


2 thoughts on “Budget Airbrush Compressor

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