Minimalist Modern Wall Art

minimalist wall art

Minimalist Scrap Metal Art

This is my latest work I posted here in my Etsy shop.  It is modern minimalistic abstract piece that I made entirely from scrap steel.  The arc was a steel rod that came from a garden stake of some sort, the yellow rectangle is cuttoff from a steel tube, and the big red disk is a large fender washer reclaimed from an industrial site.  All is painted in Rustoleum oil based enamel paints.


8 thoughts on “Minimalist Modern Wall Art

  1. Ally James says:

    Interesting wall art, would look great in a really modern home design.

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  5. Rubel Zon says:

    Wow! Boss,

    You did a great work. Just outstanding 🙂 Thank you lots for the your hard work.

    How do you plan to make a attractive post?

  6. OK great. More to come!

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