Pyrrole Red Artist Pigment

Pyrrole red a modern color innovation

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            For centuries, when artist wanted a bright red color able to withstand sunlight and maintain its intensity, they naturally had to rely on mineral pigments. The most commonly used was the cadmium based pigments. Although these are very durable and light fast, the pigments themselves are very toxic. This toxicity makes these pigments unsuitable for spraying.
Over the years, researchers have developed organic alternatives but they have been inferior to cadmium based reds. Either the tint was not as strong, they lacked covering power, or they faded or cracked with age. Pyrrole red is a recent innovation that not only addressed the shortcomings of it predecessors, it is a viable alternative to cadmium reds with much lower toxicity.
A Gift from the Automotive Industry 

FerrariMany artist may not realize it, but many modern innovations in pigment development have their roots in the automotive industry. Automobiles are. for the most part, exposed to the elements. Without a durable scratch resistant finish, the metal that cars are constructed of would rapidly corrode in the outdoors. Part of a durable paint job, is the pigment. A pigment that has covering power, and light fastness is important. The automotive industry put forth a lot of money for research especially for a durable red pigment for high end sports cars. What the research came up with was pyrrole red. In fact, the color Ferrari Red is in fact Pyrrole red.
Bold statement with 3D art in Pyrolle Red   

Pyrolle Red Wall HangingNow we have a general idea how pyrrole red came to be an artist pigment, I want to present a 3D sculpture painted in this bold pigment.  Yesterday, I wrote about this sculpture in bright red paint.
The sculpture featured here is a 3D geometric wall hanging painted pyrrole red. The modern style and warm bright red color will make a bold statement in your office or home.
The photo below shows a close up of the sculpture and you get a sense of how this warm red enhances this 3D sculpture.
Color Mixing with Pyrrole Red 

Color MixingPyrrole red is an organic low toxicty lightfast warm red pigment. Being warm means that the red is shaded to more of the yellow or orange range. Mixing with blue will not yield a bright purple however. Therefore, mixing pyrrole red with a bright yellow such as Hansa yellow to give a brilliant orange. But, when mixed with blues the resulting purples are muddy and muted.

 Resources for More Information

Color Mixing with Pyrrole Red
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Wikipedia article on Pyrrole
A scientific article on the structure, uses, chemistry, physical properties and preparation of pyrrole.

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