Bright Red Metal Wall Art

Pyrrole Red


The color red is a color of passion, emotion, and power.  It is also considered a hot color.  The geometric sculpture featured in the photo above is painted in pyrrole red.   Pyrrole red is an organic pigment that has very good light-fastness.  It is more of an orange red so it is quite a hot color.  This sculpture would make a bold statement in any room.

Every part of this sculpture is formed by hand and carefully welded. It is then painted in pyrolle red with 2 coats of clear coat to harden and protect the paint.
Pyrrole red is the same pigment used by the automotive industry. Due to the pigment’s light-fastness, it used to paint expensive cars like the Ferrari.

This sculptiure can has 4 mounting hooks that keep it 3/4″ off the wall. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The wall hanging is 24 inches in length and 9.5 inches wide.




3 thoughts on “Bright Red Metal Wall Art

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  2. JASON says:

    Very detailed work you have done just stumbled onto your site well done keep the great work up…

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