The Color Purple in Art and Sculpture

Purple The Color of Royalty

Once a color so rare that only the wealthy noble families could afford it, purple has an alluring and magical quality. The color is deep and seductive. It can be dark and muted or bright and vivid. Purple is a color of many hues and shades. Adding it to your decor can really add sophistication and pop.

Contrasting with Purple

Dashing PlumIn the painting featured here, “Dashing Plum, the artistWeLoveLove takes purple to a new level by contrasting several hues with white stripes. Undoubtedly, this was done with painters tape but that does not take away from the style of this painting.

Purple Impasto

Light Purple and Grey TextureWhile on the subject of paintings, what better way to make purple pop than with a little texture. Consider this offering titled “Light Purple and Grey Texture”. It is an abstract floral painting featuring texture by using the imapsto method. Impasto shows the exagerated brush strokes in bold textural detail.

Purple Mantle Clock

Purple mantle ClockSometimes a pretty picture is not enough. If you want the sophistication of purple in your decor but need practical things, then a clock is a great addition. In the purple mantle clock featured in this photo, the depth of the translucent iridescent purple finish is intense. With a backdrop of hand grinded steel, this clock will shimmer in several different tones of purple depending on angle of light.

One thought on “The Color Purple in Art and Sculpture

  1. That clock is super classy, I want it!

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