Geometric Design in Art and Sculpture


Geometric design and space

This lens is about geometric art and sculpture. Geometric art can come in many forms. It can be a 2 dimensional painting or a 3D composition like the triangular composition featured in the photo below. This composition was made from 16 gauge steel sheet traingles welded at various angles. It is a study of space and dimension can be viewed viewed here in my Etsy Shop.

Geometric Stainless Sculpture

Space age wall hanging.
This is a small but eye catching Space Age Mid century abstract  will bring  a lot of focus to a wall. It features two oval accents brightly colored orange and copper. The two square accents are made by welding 304 stainless flat bar together. The stainless accents where a glimmering shiny pattern with an angle grinder before application of a translucent colored lacquer.

Bright Red Rectangular Decor

Pyrrole Red

This simple yet bold Abstract Geometric Dimensional Wall Panel is painted in vivid pyrrole red acrylic paint and sealed with enamel clear.  It would do best in full light so it may shine on the wall with it’s full potential.


Geometric Abstract Painting

Geometric Abstract paintingThis painting featured on Etsy, is a 2 dimensional artwork featuring mainly contrasting rectiangular elements. Although the colors are somewhat muted, there is a large range of different hues and shades to create an intersting mood and allow it to blend with a large variety of decorative settings. The listing can be viewed here for size and purchasing options.


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