Jackson Pollock Abstract Expressionist


Pioneer in Abstract Expressionism


Jackson Pollock was an American painter who was a pioneer in the abstract expressionist movement. Although he started painting in 1929, his most notorious work was from 1947 onward. He used nontraditional media and tools in his paintings.This article will mainly be focused on the developement of the style abstract expressionism which was a new concept in the 1940’s and 1950’s.


A Few Pointers on Abstract Expressionism

Metal Abstract sculptureSo what is Abstract Expressionism anyways? It was a post WWII modern midcentury art movement in the United States. It was the first major American Art movement putting New York City on the art and culture map. It is a style of great emotion and spontaneous inspiration. It entails anit-figurative images and, when applied to painting, has been refered to as action painting. This is where paint is splashed, dripped, or smeared onto canvas or a support. Art created in this matter is not created to represent a real object but to depict the act of creating in the eyes of the artist.

Pollock’s Abstract Work 

type=textJackson Pollock was first introduced to liquid paints in 1936 an experimental workshop in New York ran by Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros. Later in the 1940’s he began laying his canvases on the floor instead of using an easle. He used alkyd house paints instead or artist paints and sticks, dried out paint brushes, and even baster syringes. This engaging process of standing over the canvas, walking around it squirting, dripping, and throwing paint is what became known as action painting.


Painting with Syringes

type=textA style of impasto or dimensional or textured painting is extruded paint. This is where thick paint is extruded from a syringe without a needle. The ropes of paint hold there shape and create a deep 3D textural effect. It has its origins from Jackson Pollock and other artist contemporary with his time.


Jackson Pollock’s Untimely Death


Jackson Pollock surely exprienced significant fame and fortune. Unfortunately, he struggled his entire adult life with alcoholism. It was his drinking that led him to die in a car crash while under the influence at the young age of 44. His work became legendary at this point and some of his original paintings auctioned for as much as $20 million!


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