Depth through multiple paint layers

Purpose of multiple coats of paint

In recent work I called “Dimensional Memphis Metal wall art”, I incorporated a few layers of pearlescent acrylics followed by multiple layers of lacquers. This was done to create a finish with profound depth. This is a technique used by most professional painters so I figure why not on metal.

First coats

Silver base coatThis is is when the art had a coat of primer, a reflective silver basecoat made by covering one layer of silver with pearl white using Createx airbrush paints . Note the pearl blue on selected areas. The reflective basecoat shines through. The depth is already showing.


More colors laid down

Color laid over base coatHere I have laid down some color on the accents of the composition. Notice the depth of the pearl deep orange, the brilliant pearl lime green, and the perforated triangle accent in dazzling pearl fushia. This is coming to play because pearl pigments are translucent mica pigments.

Purple Coat Applied

type=textNotice the top support bar and the perforated metal triangle have taken a more violet hue. That is because I have sprayed Kylon Xmetals purple translucent lacquer over them. The blue support bar became blue violet while the fushia triangle became more magenta/red violet.


Decanting Spray Paint

Decanting of Spray PaintGetting ready to decant some Krylon Xmetal spray lacquer. I simply tape a bendy straw to the nozzle of what ever spray paint I wish to decant into a receiving vessel. In this case, I am using Krylon Xmetals Blue to create a candle like affect.
The reason for decanting spray paint for me is to airbrush a paint with more control. Also, I notice that much less is wasted in overspray and the smell from the solvents is therefore reduced. Besides, if you wish to mix colors of spray paint, this about the best and only way to efficiently do so.


Color Mixing by Layers

Creating color change by layersNotice on the right, I have painted the large washer a pearlescent mint green. This is to go under the blue Xmetals lacquer to make a sort of turquios color

Outgassing Decanted Paint
One thing has to be mentioned when degassing spray paint. That is, that you have to let it set at least 30 minutes before you put it in your airbrush or put it in a bottle with a closed lid. You are letting the propellent escape that naturally got decanted with the paint. When you decant the paint into your container, you will notice that it is quite cold. It has the propellent gas in liquid form. You will see this when you hold the cold container in your hand or set it on a warm surface as it will start to “boil”.


End Results

End ResultsNotice how everything came out. I got a nice deep and shiny finish. Note the turquoise on the large washer.


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