The Wonders of Glass Jewelry


Have you considered glass jewelry?

this lens' photo

You may or may not be the type that insist on only precious stones and precious metals for you jewelry keepsakes. No matter the case, read this page and let is persuad you to consider purchasing glass jelewry. One of the main benefits to glass jewelry is that there many talented crafts people thatmake unique items by hand and sell them on Etsy. Another benefit is there is some interesting glass for the jeweler to work with and glass fusing equipment is relatively inexpensive so some truly unique necklaces, rings, pendants, braclets, and charms can be made.

Dichroic glass


Dichroic PendantDichroic glass is a unique iridescent glass that makes some truly mesmerizing glass jewelry. If you wish to view this item in Etsy, just click on this link to visit the listing.


Fused glass


Fused GlassAlot of glass jewelry it made by glass fusion in a kiln. This an art in of itself and you can make alot more than jewelry. A good resource for more information is warm glass.


Fused glass video

To see how fused glass pendents are made check out this video:


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