Mixed Media Sculptures


More than one material


Mixed media sculptures incorporate more than one type of media. Sometimes an artist wants to work in one medium and specialize. Most of the time this is fine but sooner or later, the advantages to other materials eludes the artist when he/she wants to present a new sense of dimension or a unique texture.

Take, for instance, the rusted assemblage below. Sure it was nice once I welded it altogether and applied the rust patina followed with an oil finish. The problem was it seemed incomplete. I decided that it needed to contrast with wood grains. I purchased a block of cherry from a woodworking store and bolted it to the rusted assemblage. I applied a polyurethane finish to add shine to the wood. The sculpture is called Rusted Developement and is availabe at my Etsy shop in the link provided.


Wood Weighs Less 

Eye of Horus

In this recent sculpture,Eye of Horus , after the stainless steel frame and the mild steel iris, I felt this piece needed a substantial support. Something rectangular and thick that could can take on a lot of color. The problem was that if I used a steel plate of the same thickness as the wood, the finished art would probably weighed more than 50 pounds. That would make it hard to mount on a wall without special mounting brackets not to mention the horrendous shipping charges if I were to sell this cross country. So I used a piece of poplar wood with primer and airbrushed water based acrylics to create the colorful background.


Mixed media helps to convey a message by contrast

Wire art on drift woodSometimes, a visual artist really needs to get a message across. This statement does not need to be in words so much but it can be in the materials chosen. Take for example this wire peace and love sculpture for sale on Etsy. It features wire human forms adorned with wooden beads and sheeps wool to convey color and texture. The 3 figures are mounted on driftwood to add a rustic and upcylced appeal to it.


Reclaimed metal

Reclaimed Metal Wall Art
Yet another example of metal mounted on wood. Here it is obviously for the unique grain of the wood piece more than weight savings. The artist used leftover bits from a railing job. This is upcycling in its truest form. No pretense or over zealous environmentalism, just using left over materials instead of throwing them out.

Unique Garden Art

Rock flamingo garden artHere is a stunning example of novel sculpture made from the most mundane materials. This rock flamingo would add intrigue to virtually and garden and the materials used to make it are largely available for free or very low cost.


Bike Sculpture

Bike Art
This is another metal art sculpture attached to a wood bckground. You can see the grain in the wood suggesting that might be a tinted stain. Not only does the red tinted stain add depth and contrast to the wooden background, but it enhances the metallic colors of the bike. This is using a comparitvely lightweight material to add bulk and applying unique finishing techniques to enhance depth at the same time.


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