Wall Hangings with Color

Put Color on Your Walls

This article will  describe the various colors of wall decor available. Many people decorate there walls with scenic paintings or mirrors but there are more distinctive wall hangings that can be used. Some of these feature bright vivid colors or even a complete rainbow of colors such as the rainbow ring piece in the photo.  It is best that you look around awhile before purchasing so you may be able to choose the wall hanging that matches your decor according to your taste.

Cool colors

Post Modern Triangle
Cool colors are colors that give the impression of coolness. These are your blues, purples, greys, greens, aquas etc. Sometimes they can include other more neutral colors like black, white, or silver when they are in a cool context with other colors. Not only do they convey cool temperatures in the mind but they create a soothing and calming ambience. These colors make wonderful additions to bedroom walls.Take for instance this post modern triangle wall hanging. The black and silver background colors really make the metallic blue and purple textured accent colors really pop.


Warm colors

Abstract Wall HangingWarm colors can add brightness and excitement to any decor. These are the reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks. A bright red or orange wall decor can really pop in a modern white or black and white room.This pyrrole red wall art is a perfect example of a bold and bright warm color. The geometric shapes featured will also add modern sophistication to any home or office.

Natural Metallics

Geometric Candle holder
The colors being referred to here are the classic bronze, brass, silver, brushed nickle, steel grey, and aluminum finishes one would associate with metals and allows in there natural state. Alone this colors add plenty of shine and interest. Combined as in the mid century geometric candle holder shown here, they are even more striking. A grid like pattern of brushed steel nails is accented by brass weld joints. The contrast is most evident in direct lighting.

Metallic Colors and Iridescent Finishes

Cosmic Abstract
Ok we have discussed natural metallic colors such as bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, and steel. But now I feel it is appropiate to mention metallic colors and iridescent or pearlescent finishes. Usually, these consist of a mica pigment suspended in a binder medium. Sometimes organic dyes or pigments are incorporated to make more vivid metallics. This adds to the range of color possibilites but keep in mind that some organic dyes might not be lightfast.These systems have the benefit of not tarnishing while exhibiting all the shimmering qualities of real metals. Consider the example in the photo above.  It is a torch welded steel sculpture with an Iridescent finish and a decidingly celestial cosmic appeal.  Note the subtle fade of one tone and shade into another.   This goes to show as long as you use the same medium, you are able to intermix to come up with practically infinite shades and hues.

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