Ultramarine Blue Artist Pigment


Description of the artist pigment ultramarine blue

Ultramarine blue is a rich blue powder that is used as a pigment in making fine art paints in oil, acrylic, watercolor etc as well as in industry for canceling the yellow tint of paper products to help keep them white. It is normally stable to moisture, sunlight and air oxidation but it is instantly destroyed by strong acids with the evolution of toxic hydrogen sulfide. The material is a sodium aluminosilicate with sulfur included. The sulfur exist as a trisulfide which contributed the blue color.

History of Ultramarine Artist Pigments


Historically, ultramarine was mined in Asia as a natural mineral. Its earliest recorded use was in ancient caves in Afghanistan and China and other areas close to where it was mined. Up through the middle ages and the Renaissance, this pigment was very expensive and difficult to obtain. During the early 19th century however a substance like ultramarine was discovered in a kiln and the mass production of synthetic ultramarine began. And by adjusting the proportion of ingredients or the process, other ultramarine pigments where able to be made such as ultramarine violet and pink.


How Can Ultramarine Blue Pigment Be Used By Artist


Ultramarine can be used in most mediums as long as it is not allowed to get in contact with even diluted acids. It can be used to pigment, oil paints, water color, milk and casein paint, watercolors, acrylics, plaster, cement and even soap. It is lightfast and very brilliant and intense.

Ultramarine blue can also be blended with titanium white to imitate the more expensive and toxic cobalt blue pigment. This is important if you want to airbrush cobalt blue.


Metal Wall Art Painted Ultramarine Blue

Ultramarine Blue Wall ArtThis abstract metal wall hanging is a work I recently completed from 1/4 inch steel rod. I wanted to see how ultramarine would look in 3D. I was pleasantly surprised. Turns out to be the richest and boldest blue I have seen. It seems to almost have a purple tint to it.


Ultramarine Blue for Skies

Meditational Sky Zen Art PrintA very common use of ultramarine blue for artists is painting skies in scenic paintings. The art print shown here called Meditational Sky Zen Art Print displays the beauty of painting skies with ultramarine blue. By changing the shade with titanium white, you can fine tune the blue to whatever appeals to you.


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