Industrial Chic Metal Art


Art from Junk

The most thrifty form of art to make is art from junk. I like to collect various bits of scrap iron and steel and figure out how to incorporate it into my art work. Many times, I will have something several months or even longer than a year and still have not a clue what to do with it. I start a composition and then it hits me all the sudden. I see something missing from the work I am performing and I remember the right bit of metal. I search my stock until I procure the magic item. The piece is welded on in its special place and the sculpture “comes together” for me.
Take the junk art assemblage pictured on the right. The parts come from a paper shredder, garage door opener, and other unidentifiable metal items. It is also dimensional and stands nearly an inch off the wall so it may cast some interesting shadows depending on the light angle. This sculpture along with many others is available in my Etsy shop.

Development of Sculpture

Angular StanceAs I stated above, many times I begin work on something and it takes a life of its own. I usually only start with a couple pieces of scrap intially. After those are welded together the idea grows into maturity. Later, a completed composition results. Take the table top sculpture featured in the photo here. I originally was just thinking of the 2 steel balls and the 3/8 round steel leftovers. Then I remembered that I had the heavy duty perforated steel. I proceeded to cut the perforated steel into a triangle and it seemed to make the rest of the work pop.


Parts and scrap convey a message

SamsonWith the abstract industrial metal art, it is more about the mood or feel created by random assemblages of old machine parts and hardware. When simular parts are assembled in a human or robotic form, they convey a different message. A message that is much harder to ignore. With a charactor like Samson here, you will give more than just a passing glance.


Where Industrial meets Steampunk

Industrial Steampunk sculptureThis is a table top sculpture is made from cuttoff scraps and old steel gears. It was kept in its original finish and clear coated to enhance the industrial look, The gears not only contribute to the brutish industrial look, but they also add a Victorian steampunk element of style.
Please visit this item in my Etsy shop for more information.


Art from Contemplation

ContemplationThis imposing decor item started its life as a cuttoff from some 6 inch diameter square steel tubing. I added some accents and built up an abstract concept of someone in deep thought. Many times I sit and reflect on the possibilities of composition with the parts, materials, and tools I have. To find out more about this truly unique item you can check out the listing for this item in  my Etsy shop.




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