Applying Plasti Dip with Preval Sprayer



Applying Plasti Dip with Preval Spray Gun

In a recent post, I discussed the application of Plasti-Dip by Brush.  Today, I will talk  about spraying Plasti Dip with the ever so handy Preval Sprayer

The Preval Sprayer is essentially and aerosol canister that is attached to a glass reservoir.  In this reservoir, you can put properly thinned paint or just about any liquid for that matter. 


How to Thin Plasti Dip for Spraying

Again we will be using VM & P Naphtha.  It is really simple, just mix equal volumes of dip with naphtha.  In the photo above, I had a purple mix of a little more than an ounce.  I added the equal portion of naphtha and it was the consistency of milk.

This is turning out to be quite a useful solvent as it is also for oil based paint.  Just a note, if it is really warm where you are working, you might want to blend xylene with the naphtha.  Work outdoors or use a respirator. 


It sprayed just like any paint I have tried and it definately left a rubber coating despite being thin.  It was actually less prone to runs and dripping than I anticipated.  There is actually no need for newspapers to catch drippings unlike brush application.  I know the can says to wait at least 30 minutes between coats, but it can be recoated in less time if the naphtha dries fast enough. 

Cleanup is also alot easier.  The thinned dip does not cling to the insides of the jar and spraying until it wont spray will leave you with 5ml perhaps.  Just cramming a paper towel into the jar will soak the remainder up.  Then just a rag dampened with clean naptha will finish the cleanup of the jar.  I ran a few ml of thinner through the Preval power unit as well so I can use it for different colors.


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