An Appreciation of Cobalt Blue Glass

Cobalt Blue glass for decor or gifts

this lens' photo

One of my favorite types of glass is cobalt blue glass. The blue is dark yet vibrant with a hint of purple. Cobalt Blue glass is found in wine bottles, goblets, dining ware, and sun catchers just to name a few. With this lense I will be presenting cobalt glass from various sources. My aim is to inspire people so that new and interesting cobalt blue creations can be made.

Cobalt Blue bowl


Blue Coral BowlHere I feel is one of the most eye catching glassware items I have seen on Etsy, This bowl would make a wonderfull accent to any modern table and would be great for holding fruit, candy, or other snacks.


Cobalt blue vase


Cobalt Blue Glass VaseThis is a good vase for catching the sun. The swirls are quite eye catching as you can see in the photo. You can see the item at this listing on eBay


Cobalt blue dropper oil storage bottles


Cobalt Blue eyedropper BottlesAside from the decorating aspects of cobalt blue glass, there are some practical applications as well. The cobalt glass dropper bottles shown here are a perfect example of this. The cobalt blue glass helps block some of the harmful UV rays. Occasionally, you will find wine and liquor bottles in cobalt blue glass.


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