Abstract Metal Room Decor Project



A few weeks ago, I was inspired to create a simple yet elegant piece.  I wanted to apply a slightly curved bend to 3/16 inch steel rods and cut them to various lengths and weld them together in the random web like pattern shown above.  What I have come up with thus far is a piece 52 inches long and 9 inches wide.  A long slender work designed to adorn a wall over a sofa or sectional.  Perhaps it can also work over a fireplace as well.

This is the sculpture in white primer ready to be painted.

I have been making metal art for about three years now and it is no longer just a whimsical passtime.  My skills that i have picked up are being used to create works with deeper meaning and purpose.  When I finally get around to cleaning this sculpture up, I will braze some mounting hooks and apply a coat of white primer.  Then I will follow with a brilliant and cool metallic acrylic topcoat sealed in oil based clear coat to preserve the finish.  Right now, I am contemplating mixing a little blue with silver to get a metallic ice blue or maybe just bright silver with a transparent turquiose glaze over it for depth.  Feel free to chime in on your thoughts of color.


One thought on “Abstract Metal Room Decor Project

  1. This ornamental method can increase an typically-European taste to the back again doorway.
    They arrive in a vast assortment dimensions, styles,
    and designs.

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