Brass covered nail project


One of my creative outlets in metal art is creating braze welded nail sculpture.  I braze the cut nails together with an oxyacetylene torch and bare bronze filler rod.  I tend to do pieces with geometric patterns that where popular during the mid century era of the 20th century. 

Recently, I was contacted by a customer in my Etsy Shop to create a custom nail sculpture.   He stated that he wanted a golden finish yet I usually leave the nails their natural steel grey color with the bronze joints polished and shiny for contrast.  After much contemplation, I came up with the idea of overlaying the entire nail pattern with the bronze fill metal.  I made the piece featured in the photo above to see if that is the look the customer was going for.  Here is closeup of the piece with a variating texture to the finish. 


Even though the customer stated they preferred a smoother finish, this demonstrates the variable effects one can obtain working in this media.


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