Hammered copper in art and jewelry


Hammered copper has texture

this lens' photo

This article is about hammered copper and its use in art and jewelry When copper is hammered,( especially by the round part of a ball peen hammer), The dents reflect light different and give more dimension. The look is attractive and it has a primitive appeal to it as well. A hammered finish would make a patina vastly more intense and significant.

Necessary steps to hammer copper


Annealing copperTo get the hammered look on copper, you have to anneal the copper first. Annealing copper is heating it until it is red hot. In this condition copper is soft and easily formed. It is this condition that makes hammering copper easier. It should be noted that copper increases in hardness and brittleness when cold working. Too much bending and hammering after the copper stiffens can cause it to crack. When the copper stiffens and you still need to work the metal, it is best to anneal it again. Annealing is best done with a gas torch sweeping back and forth to evenly distribute heat.


Hammered Copper Cuff


Hammered cuffThis is an example how hammering copper really brings brilliance to copper jewelry. This cuff shimmers in the light and is very simular
cuffs worn by ancient Egyptians!


Hammered Copper Sculpture


Copper ArtThe artist who created this beautiful work really took advantage of the dimensional qualities of hammered copper, The twisting form accentuates the bumpy texture.


Embossing Copper sheet


Copper embossed with chicken wireWe have seen the steps to hammering copper for a textured surface. Given that just heating the copper sheet to red heat significantly softens the metal, there are numerous options available. Virtually any material harder that copper can be used to emboss the copper sheet. Check out the cool grid pattern from the chicken wire that was hammered into the copper.


Copper Backsplashes


Hammered Copper BacksplashHammered copper has such a great appeal both in jewelry and decor as well. It is very popular with backsplashes. These are available in a variety of finishes and types. Take the brick pattern backsplash shown in the photo below. It will add a sophisticated glow to any kitchen. Will look its best with stained wood cabinets.


Hammered copper accents on metal wall decor


Hammered Copper Wall ArtWhat got me all excited about hammered copper was making this piece. I used a welding torch to braze steel square cut nails together with bronze. Then to really set the piece off, I hammered copper strips and brazed them on some steel supports to add to their dimensional quality. You can purchase this item in my Etsy shop.


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