Leaf Spray made from Steel,Copper, and Brass

Leaf Sprays made with copper, brass and steel leaves

this lens' photo

Metal leaf sprays with copper, brass and steel leaves will add pop to any wall. They maybe polished and sparkly or brightly finished with a coating of paint. In any case, they make a bold contemporary statement while resembling nature. There is an endless possibilities just with the three metals mentioned. In fact, a leaf spray featuring leaves of more than one metal can give more depth and a decidingly autumn look.

Copper leaf spray

Copper leaf sprayWhether you are looking for a distinctive sculpture for your bedroom wall or your office, leaf sprays and related natural sculptures are a wonderful choice. Although minimalist and futuristic abstracts may be good “eye candy” , leaf spray offer artworks with a serene familiarity to them. The most striking and effective sculptural leaf sprays use a combination of metal alloys like the one here featured in the photo. The main branch is of bent steel rod, the stalks on the leaves are brass brazing rod, and the leaves are hand formed from copper sheet metal.

Benefits of Copper and Brass in leaf sprays

Brass Leaf sprayBrass and copper are two metals that are readily available in thin gauged sheet. They are soft and easily formed. They do work harden on forming but are easily annealed by heating to a red heat and allowing to cool. There are many textures with hammers that can enhance the realism of the leaves by creating veins. Another feature of copper and brass is the colors can mimic fall foliage just like the maple leaf branch shown in the photo,

Multi-colored Upcycled leaf sprays

Perhaps you like brighter colors, Then you may wish to consider a leaf spray featured in the photo here. It is an upcylced leaf spray, The colors where toned down and antiqued. You may be able to find a leaf spray in an unflattering state in a garage sale or thrift store. A simple cleaning followed by a new paint job can do wonders for any decor while adding a personal touch. You will also be keeping items from being taken to landfills as well.

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