Handmade Metal Candle Holders Make Great Gifts


A candle holder can come in many forms and be made of many materials. Most popular is metal. The best ones in my opinion are those hand made here not the ones that come from slave camps in China. they are tended to with great care and are built to last. Looking on etsy for instance, you can find a huge variety of candle holders.
There are various styles of candle holders that hold tea candles or huge candle 4 or 5 inches in diameter or more. They can be single candle stick holders, multi candle candlabra, or even candle chandaliers.The candle holders can be in any style from abstract, tradional, industrial chic or art deco like the sconce pictured here.


Want a nice heart themed tea light/votive candle holder for Valentines, Mothers day, or an anniversary? This is the gift for you. t is hand welded from sturdy steel and is airbrushed with water based acrylics and lacquers for a long lasting beauty. You may visit the listing for this candle holder in my Etsy shop.


There are candle holders made from forged steel scrolls and they are some of the most stunning pieces visually. Like the one below painted blue.


I see many candle holders with distressed paint finishes. That gives them a rustic almost folksy feel to them. Be sure to check out the listing for this


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