Metallic paint over simular colored basecoat


A recent post has shown the metal scroll panels with a deep iridescent and bright plum finish. It started out with a white primer over the deburred welded panel. I later covered this with magenta craft paint applied with a Badger 250 airbrush. This was to be a bright base coat for a noticably darker and subdued metallic plum finishing coat.


This photo shows the magenta basecoat with just a subtle dusting of the metallic plum. You really cannot make out the plum as much as you can see a silky sheen on the magenta basecoat. You see, it is possible to add a metallic sheen to a flat paint coat without changing the hue too much. This is where adjusting the airbrush spray is key.


This last photo shows the affect a more thorough coating has on the basecoat. I cannot wait to try this with interference paints. Of coarse you have to be real careful with those or you get a foggy white mess. Maybe I will add 1% mars black to the interference to bring out the color and subdue the white foggy quality.


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